External Embellishments

RBIS brings brands to life with sophisticated external embellishments that have the power to tell a story, and do so in an exciting and relevant way. From high stretch, decorative, and durable, to reflective and low temperature applications, there are hundreds of opportunities withour Heat Transfers, Embroidery, Patches and Badges, and our own proprietary Component Weave Technology™.

  • From fashion to performance, we are experienced in every aspect of the apparel industry.
  • RBIS pushes the boundaries of everything we do and innovate new products such as our latest innovation: Component Weave Technology™.
  • We meet practical industry needs and align with predicted future trends with fabric innovations like AgilityTM heat transfers.
Designers working with heat transfer embellishments in our customer design and innovation center

Heat Transfers

For permanent messaging and appeal, Heat Transfers provide imagery and text fused directly to fabric. Used internally, they provide touch-soft, tag-free labeling for the comfort consumers expect and appreciate. When used externally, they tell a strong and eye-catching brand story. As experts in the Heat Transfer technique, RBIS offers an array of applications and special effects that include high-definition, embroidery, and reflectivity that can stand up to tough industrial environments, the demands of industrial washing procedures, and even halo-free solutions.


Woven Labels

To emphasize quality and create elevated product differentiation, woven labels offer both luxury and standout textile effects. Woven Separated Elements and Fabric Separated Elements are no-sew woven label embellishments heat-applied to the garment exterior. Optimal for logos and any design using separate elements, there’s no need for sewing, stitching, or appliqué. Woven Labels are available in a variety of special effects, such as Dye Sublimation and Reflective. Other solutions–Woven Soft Seal with Halo Free Eco, Shuttle Loom, Woven Border Seal, and our own Component Weave Technology–allow brands to create unique designs for exceptional impact.

Close-up of a woven label
Close-up of innovative graphic embellishment patches


We offer innovative, technologically advanced graphic embellishments, as well as identification and authentication solutions to help brands achieve increased consumer purchase intent. Elevate your brand with any of our patch embellishments: tags with fabric, embroidered materials, molded, micro-injected, silicone, PVC or vinyl, wooden, embossed, or customized.


Avery Dennison RBIS: Winners in Team Sports

Our external embellishments can be seen around the world on some of the biggest names in sports. From national teams, to major tournaments, to fanwear, our love for the game has drawn us to not only support big franchises, institutions, syndicates and clubs, but the grass roots communities that drive the passion beyond a spectator’s match.


Avery Dennison RBIS: Leaders in Denim

With extensive expertise in the industry, we can be found anywhere, from our CDIC's, to Coachella and even Denim Days Amsterdam. We also provide a variety of comprehensive studies into trends and market insights for the beloved indigo.

Avery Dennison RBIS: Experts in Footwear

Avery Dennison RBIS has it’s foot in the game, with a vast array of branding and constructive elements available in the footwear industry, particularly for the sports and lifestyle segments. Through a mixture of creative and collaborative executions, there are many a great story to tell about what this means for the industry and how seamless the experience can be for the consumer.


Specialty Trim

For enhanced product presentation, Specialty Trim solutions are permanent embellishments that include graphic tags, leather/suede and faux leather/suede embellishments and tags, coated and uncoated jeans paper embellishments and tags, embellishments in fabric, metal, silicone and more, as well as zipper pulls, grommets, pins, ball chains, seals, strings, and ribbons.

Woman athlete running illustrating reflective embellishments

Component Weave: Next-Generation Jacquard Weaving

Component Weave is an innovative solution that incorporates jacquard weaving techniques with yarns typically used in the automotive industry. This lightweight fabric is strong, breathable, and well equipped to showcase high-definition graphics for footwear, headwear, apparel accent pieces, and accessories.

Hiut Denim + Ethical Manufacturing

Can denim change the world? Co-Founder of Hiut Denim, David Hieatt think so. He started his brand to bring the glory of making jeans back to Cardigan, a small Welsh manufacturing town. For three decades their skilled artisans made jeans and only jeans until the factory closed.

RBIS x Eight by Eight Magazine

Check out our collaboration with design-led football magazine Eight by Eight, which resulted in some pretty cool and totally collectible badges.

RBIS x Fashion Revolution

View a fun and engaging video on how to update and mend loved clothes, with Avery Dennison RBIS woven patches.


Meet Jeremy White,
Product Director

What inspires me:
The challenge of matching creativity and sustainability with the technical need of compatibility with ever-changing innovative and technical fabrics.

What drew you to embellishments?
I started out in safety clothing, and moved into fabric manufacturing, then to garment manufacturing as a marketing director. I ran two separate embellishment companies - one very focused on embellishments for performance sportswear, and premium fashion.

What are the recent breakthroughs in embellishments?
We recently launched a super-stretch transfer that responds to the increased stretch of performance fabrics - we now have a product that stretches and recovers more than any fabric we have tested to date. Other key developments are based around smart yarns, which is something that we are currently exploring.

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